Convert your OpenCart Store into an Engaging Native App

Carmella Blick

Multiple open-source platforms are operating in the e-commerce industry which offers the best website services. They can allow small budding businesses with all the essential features. But is it a complete solution for the business owner operating in a highly advanced and competitive market?

The answer is no you need a highly edgy technology to survive in the market. That’s why the mobile app was introduced. Just having a website was never enough we need to have an application.

When we are talking about the Opencart framework nothing can beat the feature-rich Opencart Mobile app.

This app will surely bring in a revolution in the business. The feature which makes the app a perfect solution is Open Code. With this feature the Customization(paid service) easy and faster. The code of the application is transparent to allow the coders to understand and transform easily without any hassle.

The App can be giving any desirable functionality from the code end. This allows the personalization of the mobile app.

The app builder though is a ready-made solution but it can also adapt to the dynamic changes required by the business owner. As we completely understand that each business is structured in a different way so the requirements might vary with the functionalities offered by a particular business.

Along with easy customization power, the app has other magnificent features that make it as the key solution for any website on Opencart.

2. Push Notification- SMS, emails, and more cannot attract the app user much easily as notification does. As they generally end up in the spam section. Whereas a notification can even force a customer to open the app and look for the offers, new arrivals, and much more. The app allows the store owner to send unlimited notifications to the customer.

3. Introduction to Augmented Reality- The app allows the user to enter into a virtual world with real-life objects. That is now the products can be seen by the customer as it would appear in the real world. This AR- feature gives the buyer a sense of confidence as they can determine that post-purchase they will a product that has full utility.

4. Size Calculator- The app working in an iOS device will allow the user to achieve the size estimation without any special measurement device requirement. This is a highly effective feature for industries like design, automobile, online clothing stores, etc.

  • Delivery boy– This integration helps the store owner to sever customer post-sales with a good delivery process. It keeps allows delivery management with just an application.
  • Push Notification with Emojis– The owner of any Opencart app can easily relate to the clients by sending notifications that have emoji. It helps them explain the message in a better way.