4 Great Examples of E-Commerce Logistics Content Marketing

Only 43% of B2B businesses have documented content marketing strategies place. And, perhaps not surprisingly, only 31% of B2B marketers view their content marketing as “very” or “extremely” successful, according to Content Marketing Institute.

If your e-commerce logistics company isn’t tapping into content marketing, you’re missing out on the many benefits that crafting high-value, educational content can offer. Not only can you engage your audience and reach new people, but you can also see a tangible content marketing ROI.

In fact, e-commerce logistics companies have a range of opportunities available to them. They’re in the position to offer advice and expertise, to become trusted voices in their industry, and to create hubs and resources that their audiences can depend on.

Looking for content marketing examples to inspire your e-commerce logistics marketing strategy? Here are just a few examples:

ShipBob’s Resource Center



ShipBob is a global e-commerce logistics platform. It acts as a fulfillment network for brands to organize and ship products directly to consumers.

How are they using content marketing?

ShipBob Resource Center

ShipBob has a resource center, which its audience can use as a content hub. The resource center offers downloadable guides, including “How to Choose a 3PL for Your Ecommerce Business” and “The Guide to Offering Affordable 2-Day Shipping.” These guides educate ShipBob’s audience on 3PLs and shipping, and they give ShipBob the opportunity to collect contact information from visitors so the company can reach out to them and nurture those leads.

Looking for more content marketing resources?

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Flexport’s Webinars



Flexport brings together tech and infrastructure to offer global import and export services. The company specializes in cloud software and analytics.

How are they using content marketing?

Flexport Webinars

More than half of marketers say that out of top-of-funnel content formats, webinars generate the most high-quality leads. So it makes sense that Flexport is taking advantage of this opportunity. The company offers regular webinars that educate its audience on highly relevant topics, including “The State of Trade: The Secret Key to U.S. Trade Negotiations” and “Logistics Rewired: How to Build the Right Modal Mix When Space Is Tight.” This content educates Flexport’s audience on the intricacies of logistics and current developments related to trade.

For new webinars, Flexport asks attendees to register. Similar to ShipBob’s gated content, this approach allows Flexport to gather contact information from attendees, which provides the company with a list of contacts who might be interested in what Flexport has to offer.

Echo Global Logistics’ Glossary



Echo Global Logistics is a transportation management service that helps businesses send products and takes care of security, streamlining, and other concerns that often bring teams down.

How are they using content marketing?

Echo Global Logistics Blog

In addition to a robust blog that’s frequently updated with helpful information and advice for Echo’s audience, the company provides website visitors with a glossary of freight-related terms. Providing this resource allows Echo to include important industry keywords on its website while also ensuring the company and its potential customers are speaking the same language.

ShipHero’s Case Studies



ShipHero is an e-commerce logistics company that takes the whole shipping question off businesses’ hands. Picking, packing, and delivering — plus a software option for those running their own warehouses.

How are they using content marketing?

ShipHero Case Studies Page

ShipHero doesn’t do pushy sales and marketing. The company is all about sharing stories on how people have used its services to overcome their challenges with e-commerce fulfillment. That’s where case studies come in. ShipHero’s case studies give visitors a picture of what their experience might be like if they decided to work with the company. The case studies include the challenges the customer was facing, the solutions ShipHero offered, and the results the customer saw as a result. This type of content can serve as a powerful sales enablement tool.

Highly valuable, relevant content will work wonders to bring audience members toward your e-commerce logistics company, and there are so many ways to offer it. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

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